Apple Beats The Legal Battle to Samsung, IFA and The New Smartphones Are Just around The Corner, The Invasion of Android

Few days left to the start of IFA and while there we will see many ads already some ads and leaks have occurred. Archos has shown his new range gene 10 tablet, LG Optimus G has been seen in a series of leaked images. Xiaomi Mi-One S has swept in its first half hour to the sale and the WikiPad last his coming-out, although no release date yet.

This week the biggest news has undoubtedly been the trial between Apple and Samsung. Finally California judge has convicted a Korean company. Our colleague Alkar has prepared a post explaining all the details of the subject. Another topic of interest is the new Nikon camera, which will take Gingerbread to operate this compact.

As every week, we go with a round of applications. Angry Birds is updated twice: maps based on the Curiosity and a new pink bird. Jetpack Joyride comes to Android, but first to the Amazon App Store. The last Humble Bundle of Android is updated with more games and Facebook updated its official client and messaging app.

We have just our summary talking about Google and the ROMS. Updated Google Play with the possibility of finally using gift cards. Meanwhile, analysts remain optimistic with the forecasts of the Nexus 7. In the MIUI ROMs updates to Jelly Bean and Alejandro analyzes in depth AOKP.

We see the week that comes in a new installment of ‘The Invasion Android’.