Appears on The Radar Xiaomi Mi4i: Prepares Xiaomi a Range Media for on 23 April?

Xiaomi has ready an event for April 23 in the India. Currently, there are no more official information on the subject but a very juicy rumor: the possible presentation of a mid-range phone, more specifically a version of one of its flagships: the Mi4.

A terminal with the name has appeared in the database of GeekBench Xiaomi Mi4i. Confirm its existence, will know the week coming, would be a phone of very interesting middle range which would compete in one of the most hotly contested strips this 2015.

Except for the processor, we know little about it

Data that have appeared on the network can see it would be an eight-core 1.65 GHz Qualcomm processor and a device with Android 5.0.2. In the absence of more information, all indications are that it would be a Snapdragon 615. With 2GB of RAM. The rest of specs? They are a mystery of time.

What little seen GeekBench points to it would be a phone that would compete with the M4 Aqua, Galaxy A5 and company. I.e., a step above entry as the Moto G devices that worked as well in the last two years. Now well What can you offer to differentiate themselves?

Xiaomi has always cared much design their phones and see if this Xiaomi M4i is probably real a version appeared in factor form and selection of materials to its flagship for 2014. In the rest of the specifications you must give the note and a panel Full HD would help him to position themselves against others.

Well, where they have always been very aggressive and he has done very well it has now been in the price, especially in high range. With a lot of phones around 300 euros, the logical thing would be to think will break that barrier and get a little more, where would go to compete with phones as Zenfone 2 in his 2 GB configuration.

Whatever it is, we will be attentive to Xiaomi us having to announce that normally they do not disappoint. Taking into account that the event of the India turns around “i” is very likely to this time Yes (and not as it happened at the end of March) is a new phone. We hope to take advantage of the event to announce and present MIUI based on Lollipop.