Analysis of Mouse Gaming and USB HUB of Aukey

Looking for accessories or interesting and cheap peripherals for your computer? Aukey has the answer. A couple of weeks ago we got a package that contained two very interesting products: a Gaming Mouse and a USB HUB. These two are very economical products and give a great result.

Aukey Gaming Mouse

This mouse only by its price has captivated us. It costs only 9.99 Euros and we can buy it on Amazon, so if there is a problem, we have a great service after sales. Yet it will not be necessary, as it is a very useful and functional mouse.

Link for mouse Aukey Gaming at Amazon

Among its main features of choice in terms of DPI is. We have a switch that we can customize the DPI to 1000/1600/2400/3200 DPI. It has an ergonomic design that adapts very well to our hands and has 7 buttons for fast action.

USB HUB 4 ports of Aukey 3.0

Here at, if you have exhausted all your PC’s USB input (usual) or simply the rear USB are somewhat inaccessible for use, here you have the ultimate solution. No need for extra energy to function, simply by connecting to one of the ports on your computer will be able to make use of its 4 ports USB 3.0, ideal for those who have a laptop with only 2 USB ports.

Link to USB HUB 4-port Aukey 3.0

Its design is also very careful and very practical, because it does not move your site. Already got to try more than one hub that your design did not stop moving when using for example a mouse.

* Extra product *

Despite not having tested, from Aukey have sent us a discount code of 4 Euros for a powerbank 10000mAh with QC2.0 technology. We already got to try another similar but 6000mAh and 30000mAh that work great. Highly recommended.

Link to battery Aukey 10000mAh at Amazon

Code 4 Euro discount is valid until October 31, 2016: