Analog Watch From Swatch Allows You To Make Payments With The Wrist In Brazil

The Swatch wristwatch Bellamy’s analog and has simple appearance: we have here a mobile operating system, not a screen, not even a day. However, it contains an NFC chip that allows you to make payments with the wrist in China, the USA, Switzerland and – surprise! -in Brazil, too.

The Swatch has announced a partnership with Visa to launch the clock in these four countries. Payment works almost like a smartphone: the clock has an NFC chip below the dial, then just bring you a little machine compatible card to pay. It hardly consumes energy, so does not affect the autonomy of the clock.

Other than that, there are few details of how the payment will work. As the clock will get the data from your credit or debit card? The user will have to confirm the payment somehow?Apple Pay, for example, you need to run your finger on the Touch ID. But Bellamy has not even Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

According to VentureBeat, “consumers in China who decide to take one of Swatch watches with payments they will have to go to one of the 2,785 Bank of Communications agencies around the country to activate it.

That is, probably you will have to activate the clock on a Bank agency, and the maximum payment would be restricted. In Brazil, Visa offers NFC payments to customers of Banco do Brazil and Bradesco; and payments below 50 R$ do not require password.

The Gizmodo Brazil came into contact with Visa; the company says only that “we will have more information soon about the partnership to share”.

Visa’s technology for mobile payments is called LED smartwatch, and began being tested in Brazil in 2009.

Since March this year, every customer of the Bank of Brazil with Ourocard Visa card – whether credit or debit – can perform mobile payments with an Android smartphone. Before, you have to ask the Bank to enable the card to do so.

Then, you open the app Brazil’s Bank, selects the card and the payment method, move the cell and type the password of the card. (Purchases below 50 R$ do not require Visa tells us that more than 2,500,000 businesses in Brazil allow us to do this kind of transaction. The payWave is also available to Bradesco clients.

The Swatch watch is called Bellamy in reference to the American writer Edward Bellamy, who described in a novel by 1888 a world in which the money was replaced by debit and credit cards.

The Swatch tells us that Bellamy should cost between 80 and 100 euros (more or less between 300 and R$ $400). In China, the clock goes for 580 Yuan (us $350). It will be released in Brazil until March 2016.

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