Amazon Launches Kindle Web, to Enjoy Books on the Net

The Amazon does not tire of advertising service book reading application Kindle for a variety of platforms. It has for iPhone, has to iPad, has for Android, has for the newly confirmed BlackBerry PlayBook, has for Windows, has to have BlackBerry … for everything!

And now you have Kindle for whoever books the same web. Today Amazon announced the Kindle Web, another way to find the publications purchased through the gadget.

Officially called the Kindle For The Web, the web-based service is still in a version beta .However, it seems is already usable and can be accessed by those who have an interest in the Kindle from this page. No need to download or install any application, with the view of guaranteed textual content in most modern browsers – after all, no one else does web apps for Internet Explorer 6.

“With Kindle For The Web, it’s easier than ever for consumers to view the Kindle books. There is no download or installation required, “said Dorothy Nicolls, director for the Amazon Kindle, in a statement. Customers can simply click “Read first chapter FREE” to have access to the first chapter of the book seen in the Amazon, in order to see if it’s worth buying it.

Once you have a sample of the book, the customer buys the publication if you want, and it will automagically stop the devices installed with a Kindle app and syncing enabled books. Very practical, right?


The duty of bloggers – especially those who write literary criticism – can still celebrate the arrival of the Kindle For The Web, as the new service will allow embed of book excerpts on any website. It is more or less like this player (so call it) you see above (just click the “full screen” button, because then you will not get back to normal size, due to a conflict of player with our layout: B).