Amazon Confirms The Collapse of The Fire Phone and Back Down It’s Price

Amazon still does not know how to output to units of Fire Phone that is still accusing him. Mobile was presented in June of last year, and was willing to compete in the high range as an alternative with good specifications that are integrated in its ecosystem. In fact even included a system allowing to use the camera for identify more than 100 million products to be able to buy them directly in your store.

Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 at 2.2 GHz and its 2 GB of memory RAM, Amazon It made the serious mistake of abusing price, and 649 dollars that cost his mobile ended up becoming a burden that led him to fail, so much that since then he has had to go by continuous sales to people to buy it.

The last one was in November, when Amazon decided to lower the price of your phone to 199 dollars. To complement this rebate the following month mobile received a good repertoire of improvements with an update of its firmware. Today they have decided to lower the price a little more up to 189 dollars, and include one year of Amazon Prime valued at $100.

In Spain, this rebate not affects us, because in fact the mobile not has come not to see the light in our version of the online store. But does our attention check how giant the size of Amazon they can also be wrong with their releases. Will looking forward to Jeff Bezos and his people to try a new mobile be you?