A Google Event Just around The Corner While Rumors Nexus Continue or Deny, The Invasion Android

Google you have marked in Red October 29 for your next presentation. An event of which we know little of time. Meanwhile, continue Android 4.2 leaks, as the new system of galleries. This week we have also had two new androids: Asus Padfone 2 and HTC J Butterfly.

Waiting for a Jelly Bean? Samsung has begun to upgrade their lives and soon the SII and the original Note will. Motorola also announced who was remade. Speaking of the American company, has released a mysterious benchmark of an alleged 10-inch tablet. Do not miss the collection we have made of the best mid-range mobile. Also eye to your Android with e-ink and Onyx.

Time to talk of apps: Spotbros is renewed to correct some bugs, Instagram already allows us to mention to users if they have different names in Twitter and Swype is to put the batteries. Also we talk about the launch of Google Calendar for Android, Nova Launcher update and Flash for Jelly Bean.

We also have games, Fluid Football and Don’t Look Back. We explain how to recover the password of WiFi connections and how to take full potential to the Galaxy Note II multi-window system. Finally, we leave you with the interview that we did to Sebastian Muriel of Tuenti.

We see the week that comes in a new installment of ‘The Invasion Android’.