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Yearbook 2006

Tanzania. In January, newly-elected President Jakaya Kikwete presented a government with a strengthened representation of women. Of 29 ministers, seven are women - three more than before - and of 30 deputy prime ministers, ten are women. According to CountryAAH, heavy ministries such as the Ministry of Finance and Foreign Affairs got female managers.

2006 Tanzania

In April, the new Vice President Ali Shein ordered farmers and livestock herders living in nature-protected areas to leave immediately. Other environmental measures were to encourage municipalities and companies to plant trees and to prohibit the use of thin plastic bags in stores and in marketplaces. However, the protection of the environment was also taken as motivation to start deporting people from Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda who were accused of illegally staying in Tanzania. In many cases it was about people who were born in the country and who were previously treated as citizens by, for example, get to participate in general elections. Thousands were threatened with banishment on questionable grounds.

Oppositionists in the semi-autonomous archipelago of Zanzibar turned to court in April with a request that the 1964 Union Treaty between the islands and the then Tanganyika be annulled. They argued that the Union lacked legal grounds. Their request was rejected by the court, but they announced that the attempts to get the Union dissolved went ahead. The same court, the High Court, ruled that party-bound candidates have the right to stand in presidential and parliamentary elections. The message was welcomed by the opposition, which considered it would reduce CCM's great dominance. The government appealed the decision.

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