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Republic of the Congo

Yearbook 2006

Congo. According to CountryAAH, President Denis Sassou-Nguesso was appointed President of the African Union (AU) in January. The organization's annual meeting was held in Khartoum, Sudan, and according to tradition, the Sudanese president would have more or less automatically assumed the presidency in the following year. However, because of the conflict in the Darfur region, it was not possible to get majority support for Sudan to represent Africa in the outside world, which is why K. was chosen as a compromise.

2006 Republic of the Congo

The World Bank amortized just over SEK 20 billion of K's foreign debt, totaling approximately SEK 65 billion. In return, the country must meet detailed requirements for improvements in health care and education. Debt amortization was approved despite the bank's head Paul Wolfowitz expressing strong concern over the widespread corruption in K.

In October, the remnants of the Franco-Italian explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, who founded the then French Congo colony in the 1880s and renamed its capital, were buried under solemn forms. Brazza had been buried in Algeria since his death in 1905. The burial could only be carried out in Brazzaville after the government agreed to recognize Auguste Nguempio as the traditional king of the country's dominant ethnic group, teke. The government had previously chosen to cooperate with a rival who is close to President Sassou-Nguesso.

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