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Yearbook 2006

2006 NorwayNorway is a member of UN, according to Digopaul. At the beginning of the year, it was announced that a very promising oil discovery was made in the Goliath field in the Barents Sea, where hundreds of billions of barrels of oil could be found. The Norwegian environmental movement was against a recovery in the area.

The so-called Muhammad crisis also hit Norway, when the magazine Magazinet (owned by Swedish Life's Word) published the caricatures of the prophet Muhammad previously printed in the Danish Jutland Post. In response to negative reactions in Muslim countries and among Muslims in Norway, the government stated that it understood that the cartoons could be considered offensive but the publication was not regretted. During protests in Syria's capital Damascus, the Scandinavian embassies were set on fire and the damage was greatest at the Norwegian embassy. Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre was critical of the Syrian authorities, saying his large security forces should have been able to prevent the fire. Several acts of violence against Norwegian interests were perpetrated in Muslim countries. In Pakistan attacked Telenor's headquarters in the city of Attock. When an Iraqi-Kurdish refugee organization held a demonstration for freedom of speech outside the Storting in Oslo, its leaders were murdered. The demonstration was intended as a protest against "aggressive Islamic terrorism". One of the commanders of the Taliban militia in Afghanistan pledged 5 kg of gold to anyone who killed a soldier from Denmark, Norway or Germany, all of whom are participating in the international peacekeeping force ISAF in Afghanistan and whose press has published cartoons of Muhammad. It later became known that Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and Latvian soldiers from the ISAF force were close to being killed when a heavily armed crowd in the town of Maimana set fire to the police station and was about to burst into the facility. The exposed soldiers were rescued by helicopter-borne British soldiers supported by Swedish health care providers. All ISAF soldiers survived the drama, but an unknown number of Afghans were killed. In a Norwegian opinion poll, 57% felt that the media that had printed the drawings were wrong. 30% thought it was right. After talks with representatives of N's Muslims, the magazine's editor-in-chief lamented that he had wounded Muslims through publication. During the Mohammed conflict, the populist Progress Party rose sharply in opinion polls and soon became the country's largest party with a record-breaking 36.9% in a poll. The Labor Party declined and Høyre declined to record lows. In May, the Progress Party elected 37-year-old Siv Jensen as new party leader after Carl I. Hagen, who led the party since 1977. Jensen was considered to have better conditions than Hagen to agree with the other bourgeois parties on upcoming government cooperation.

2006 Norway

Observers from EU countries Sweden, Denmark and Finland were forced to leave the mission as peacekeeping officer in Sri Lanka by September 1, after the Tamil guerrilla LTTE demanded it after the EU terrorist stamped the guerrilla. As a result, 20 Norwegians and Icelanders were left to report on the guerrillas and the government army. Norway also continued during the year to lead fruitless peace talks between the warring parties.

In December, Norsk Hydro and Statoil decided to merge Hydro's oil and gas operations with Statoil, thereby creating the world's largest offshore operator.

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