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Northern Macedonia

Yearbook 2006

Northern Macedonia (until 2019 Macedonia). Parliament approved a number of amendments to the electoral law in March, following pressure from the EU in response to reports of serious irregularities in connection with local elections in 2005.

2006 Northern Macedonia

According to CountryAAH, violence occurred during the election campaign before the parliamentary elections in July, which raised concerns in Macedonia where ethnic contradictions were leading to full civil war only five years earlier. The violence occurred mainly between supporters of the two major Albanian parties, but also between Albanians and ethnic Macedonians and in some cases even between the largest Macedonian parties. From the EU and NATO came sharp warnings that the coveted membership of both organizations required political calm. The violence subsided and the election was then carried out without more serious incidents. Foreign observers considered it to be conducted in accordance with democratic principles. The result led to a change of government.

The conservative VMRO-DPMNE won by close to one-third of the vote. The Government Coalition Together for Macedonia was only supported by just under a quarter of the electorate and lost almost half of its seats. The largest Albanian party BDI, which was part of the outgoing government coalition, demanded a seat in the new government and protested violently when this was not the case. Instead, VMRO-DPMNE formed government with the Albanian PDSH and several other small parties. New Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who promised to continue on the path to the EU and NATO.


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