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Yearbook 2006

Mongolia. According to CountryAAH, a year and a half of conflict-filled co-government between the Socialist Party and a bourgeois alliance was suspended in January, when the former Communist Party of the Mongolian Revolutionary Party (MPRP) resigned its ten ministers. The party blamed the bourgeois coalition partner the Democratic Alliance for corruption and economic mismanagement, but blamed itself for triggering the government crisis in order to hide the maladies discovered in state works dominated by the MPRP. The government crisis triggered violent demonstrations in the capital Ulaanbaatar and hundreds of people stormed and destroyed the MPRP's party headquarters. The government was formally dismissed by a declaration of confidence in Parliament, after which the MPRP could form a new government with the support of small parties. New Prime Minister became party chairman Miyeegombo Enkhbold.

2006 Mongolia

After the political turmoil had subsided, the residents could indulge in the celebration of the Mongolian kingdom's 800th anniversary. At the center of the festivities was the founder of the empire Djingi's khan, who, after the fall of the Soviet system, is celebrated as a national hero and surrounded by an ever stronger cult of personality.

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