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Yearbook 2006

Moldova. The year began with a Russian stop for gas deliveries via Ukraine to Moldova. to push higher prices. Previously, Moldova and other former Soviet republics had been allowed to buy Russian gas at a subsidized price. However, the sharp increases were perceived as politically motivated, as states with close ties to Russia were offered better conditions than, among other things, Moldova. After negotiations, Moldova agreed with Russian Gazprom on a temporary price to be followed by new negotiations.

2006 Moldova

In the spring, Russia introduced boycotts against Moldovan and Georgian wines, citing that they contained harmful substances. Four-fifths of Moldova's wine exports normally go to Russia. According to CountryAAH, the boycott was also perceived politically, and Moldova sent a delegation to Moscow to protest. Assessors saw Russia's actions as an attempt to punish the former Soviet states moving away from Moscow in the west. Only at the end of the year was the Russian boycott of Moldovan wines lifted.

Moldova and Russia are in conflict over the breakaway Republic of Transnistria, which is supported by Russia. In September, a referendum was held in Transnistria, where 97% were said to vote for the area to continue its independent line in relation to Moldova and eventually join Russia. The referendum was not approved by the Moldovan government, nor by the EU. From the west, Transnistria's leaders were urged to return to negotiations with Moldova. Russia, on the other hand, said they would respect that "referenda of this kind are held". Russia has about 1,200 soldiers in Transnistria, but has shown no interest in incorporating the area. The breakaway republic has about half a million residents, and according to Moldova, the area is a stronghold for criminal groups. The EU supports Moldova.

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