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Yearbook 2006

Lithuania. The hospitality between Russia and Ukraine at the beginning of the year prompted the Baltic States to emphasize the importance of energy security with independence from Russia. Lithuania agreed with Latvia and Estonia to plan for the construction of a new nuclear reactor in Ignalina, since the oldest Chernobyl-type reactor has been closed and the other to be closed by 2009, according to a settlement with the EU. Lithuania and Sweden initiated a study on the conditions for an electric cable through the Baltic Sea.

2006 Lithuania

According to CountryAAH, growth in Lithuania's economy continued to be high, even though the year's figure was around 8% below the Baltic neighbors' figures. According to experts, the Lithuanian economy began to show symptoms of overheating.

The government was hit in the spring by a setback when the EU Commission declared that Lithuania could not join the euro cooperation as planned in 2007. By a small margin, Lithuania had exceeded the threshold for inflation.

A report by the Council of Europe pointed out that Roma, Jews and Chechens are being discriminated against in Lithuania, despite the country's new anti-racist laws. Among other things, some mass media were criticized for contributing to increased special treatment.

In May, Social Democratic Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas resigned after his fragile coalition collapsed. Brazauskas left politics after reigning continuously since 2001, a Baltic record, and after a political career that stretched four decades back in time to the days of the Soviet system. New head of government became Brazauska's Social Democratic party brother Gediminas Kirkilas. He was approved by Parliament in July and formed a coalition government where the populist Labor Party was put out.

Several of the Labor Party's former ministers were accused of corruption and the police raided the party's headquarters. The party considered itself a conspiracy by the president and the other political elite. The Labor Party's founder and former leader Viktor Uspaskitj was wanted internationally after he took refuge in Moscow following allegations of fraud and tax evasion.

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