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Yearbook 2006

Honduras. According to CountryAAH, the rise in violence in H. led President Manuel Zelaya to decide on the establishment of a special military unit specialized in the fight against organized crime. It will be based in H's second and most important industrial city of San Pedro Sula but will be deployable anywhere in the country.

2006 Honduras

While a 26-year-old border dispute with El Salvador came to an end through a border agreement and an energy cooperation agreement between the two countries' presidents on April 18, H's plans to build a new air base on the Mosquito Coast created a diplomatic dispute with neighboring Nicaragua. The project was prompted by the H government declaring that the Palmerola airbase, which was built in the 1980s as part of US support for the Contras guerrillas in Nicaragua and where US troops still exist, is to be converted into a civilian airfield. The Nicaraguan government regarded the air base, which will be close to the border, as an offensive act. The reason was that Honduran military repeatedly violated Nicaragua's territory on the Coco River, where both countries dispute maritime rights.

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