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Yearbook 2006

Finland. According to CountryAAH, President Tarja Halonen was re-elected in January for a new term in office. However, she failed to secure the victory in the first round and the election went to a second round. There, former Social Democrat Halonen was pitted against Conservative Socialist Party candidate Sauli Niinistö. According to opinion polls, Halonen would win big over Niinistö, but he managed to mobilize the bourgeois voters surprisingly well. Halonen therefore won a tight victory with 51.8% of the vote against Niinistö's 48.2%. On the left, the criticism was harsh on the Social Democratic campaign that was considered unsuccessful. Halonen won despite the S campaign, it was called by the Left League leader Suvi-Anne Siimes. At the same time, an internal battle was going on within the Left League, where Suvi-Anne Siimes pulled the shortest straw and was forced to resign in March. She was referred to as a innovator.

2006 Finland

2006 FinlandThe victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens in May for the so-called monster group Lordi triggered unusual cheer scenes in Finland. When Lordi arrived in Helsinki after his success with "Hard Rock Hallelujah", close to 100,000 Finns gathered at the Market Square for the acclaimed tributes to the rock musicians, who had received harsh criticism for their challenging style before the competition.

At the turn of the year, Finland took over the EU Presidency and was forced, among other things, to deal with the EU's problematic relationship with Russia. At the informal EU summit in Lahti in October, President Vladimir Putin was invited. In connection with the meeting, President Halonen appealed to Putin to avoid the bloodshed in the ongoing Russian-Georgian conflict. The meeting was held shortly after the assassination of regime-critical Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya in Moscow, and Finnish Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen raised the EU's concern over the functioning of the Russian legal community.

Ahead of the formal EU-Russia summit at the end of November in Helsinki, Vanhanen sought to pave the way for a new economic and energy cooperation agreement between the two major powers. Despite intense efforts, he encountered resistance from Poland, which blocked the new negotiations demanding that Russia lift its import ban on Polish food.

In the autumn, a Finnish study suggested that Finland build a sixth nuclear reactor. The one-man investigation that worked on the government's mission also found that more domestic renewable energy and possibly an expansion of hydropower is needed to ensure access to electricity. The country's fifth nuclear reactor is under construction.

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