Ziiiro Minimalist Watch, A Visually Pleasing

Ziiiro watch manufacturer to bet on different formats and concepts to win consumers who seek innovative accessories. And the latest release is the Ziiiro Celeste, which shows the time and visually pleasing.

The system of identification of hours of Ziiiro Celeste is relatively simple. The clock displays ranges of rotation by colors, using a semi-transparent material. By layering different, according to the passage of time, the colors change. You can opt for models with monochrome tones, in combinations of green and blue, or models of various other colors.

The end result of Ziiiro watch Celeste is one of the best among the unusual design watches we have in the market. Depending on the creativity of the user, it can combine perfectly the watch with the clothes you’re wearing to work or walk, and every time I check the hours, you will come across a different combination.

In a time where many users retired wristwatches for hours on the phone, companies like the Tokyoflash, Nooka and Ziiiro receive more prominence with their watches than the traditional manufacturers. And just get it because they’re betting on bold proposals of different formats, in addition to concepts that, in some cases, challenge the user the ability to read the time correctly.

The Celestial Ziiiro still has a stainless steel finish, in the colours chrome, bronze and black, that make the model even more attractive in your visual aspect, and more resistant to small everyday accidents. The Sony new smart watch is now available for orders, with suggested retail price of 149 euros, about 360 R$ on picktrue.

See how the product works: