WordPress and Its Application for Android, a Delight for Every Blogger, But Still Insufficient

All those bloggers, writers, and lovers of free software will know what I mean when I speak of WordPress, for those who are a little lost, I put a day quickly. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that is mainly used to assemble and manage blogs, little by little is has carved a niche in this world becoming the most widely used in this field platform.

Automattic, the company that is behind WordPress, brought there by the beginning of 2010 this app for Android that has been very well received by users. Initially users asked for more features, which has improved with the passage of the versions, they are currently on the 1.3.9, and finally, thanks to the feedback from users has been modeling and improving into what is today.

First impression, clarity and cleaning

What most strikes me as soon as I open the application is the minimalism that characterizes WordPress in all his creations, we have a menu that allows us to:

    • Open a blog in WordPress.com (version “ Unattended ” of WordPress).
    • Add a blog that we already have on WordPress.com.
    • Add a blog from WordPress.org (the downloadable version of it).


In my case I have added one of my blogs that uses the managed version, it will ask you for data access and added us the blog to a list to have all our well organized access.

To enter, we see four main tabs, comments, posts, pages, and statistics, for this last we will need a WordPress.com account to use it and our site have registered in the own WordPress.com.

Features, more than sufficient

Although in its first versions were rather scarce over time have been implemented more and more. Some of the features that we have in each of the sections are:


  • Respond, approve, delete and report spam comments.
  • Write full entries, with a mini frame styles (bold, italic, underline, strike, add links and citations), allowing us to add multimedia files, tags and categories and change the status of the entry, come on, all the basics of any article.
  • Edit and delete entries as published.
  • Create pages, delete and edit them, using almost the same options as in the entries.
  • Apart from all this, we have a section on general settings of the blog where we can change a few aspects of it (geotag entries, alignment, and size of the images, etc.).


Defects, could not miss

As almost nothing gets rid of my constructive criticism, stop the note that the aspect of adaptation of language to the framing of buttons/links/quotes could be improved, and that occasionally overlap and make that Click where you do not require. Another obvious point to highlight as a downside of this application is the fact that we are writing from your mobile phone, in the best of cases will have a screen of 4.3 inches (excluding the tablets, of course) that is made insufficient for long entries.

My conclusion is direct at the same time than simple, this application is very well to grace or for some quick fix, but that no one intends to take a blog exclusively from this application because it is quite short.