Wireless Digital Microscope for iPhone & iPad

USB Digital Microscope with LED Lights 500X 5M Image Sensor Versatile Design

Digital microscopes are popular for computers with USB ports. If you want to use a microscope with an iPad or an iPhone, you will need to use other types of transmission than USB. This is due to the iPad and iPhone does not currently have a USB input, which can receive data. This means that it is not possible to connect a USB microscope or other products that use USB for data.

Instead of the USB connection must use a digital microscope with wireless data transfer to iPad or iPhone. The American brand has developed a wireless Pro Scope microscope that fits the iPad and iPhone. The wireless transmission is via WiFi. The microscope contains a WiFi access point, as the iPad or iPhone to be hooking up to. When it’s done, you can use the wireless microscope with great freedom of movement. The signal from a microscope can be used by up to 253 users via the wireless connection magnifications of microscope can appear on multiple iPads or iPhones at the same time. The setup of the wireless connection and the use of the microscope are super easy and the microscope can be used by anyone who is accustomed to serving an iPad or an iPhone.

Digital Microscope Camera USB 2.0 Port Video Measurement Calibration Function