Why Would A Smart Google Watch May Be Important

The smartwatches is coming. You can love them or hate them, but there’s no denying that the future will be full of them. Are you disappointed with the first wave of devices? Don’t worry. Google is preparing to enter the market and, by the way, your Smart Watch will be sensational.

The rumors of the smartwatch Google are not recent. They gained strength when an anonymous source shouted “Nexus Watch! Day 31 of October. Codenamed Gem! “, and seemed a little weird, but now the Wall Street Journal – a source of much credibility – says that the clock of Google exists, and your release should happen in a few months. Now we can start up with him. Here are the reasons:

The Ideal Hardware

We don’t need to know how leakage will be Google’s watch of the future, since the prototypes are public. And it is not necessary to go beyond WIMM – a smartwatch clock company that Google bought for some time – and your 2011 gadget called WIMM One. If on the one hand the device never gained much attention, on the other it shows more or less as the structure of the Nexus Watch can be and she should be very good.

The WIMM One has a fantastic resource soon on your screen: the display is Transflective and with two modes. She has a high power mode as bright and colorful as on your smartphone, and another more greyish, ideal for open spaces and with less power consumption. Is the best of both worlds, a combination of Super AMOLED screen of Samsung Galaxy Gear and the minimalist LCD Pebble. A middle ground that nobody could do very well until today – even if Qualcomm has come close with your Mirasol screen.

But One also was much more than a simple smartwatch clock. Or at least trying to be. The WIMM One could take the form of a little cube running Android with a tiny screen that could be removed from your bracelet.

The idea was to develop a whole package of different accessories for you dock the cube.Watch bracelets and other bracelets? Some kind of strange belt? We’ve never seen all your potential, however, as other accessories have ever been shown.

And this is where Google goes into action. The Gem can indicate that the modular approach is the concept of the smart clock. If this cube is really more a Nexus “jewel” that can be used as a clock, the potential of this thing is simply immense.

Maybe, just maybe, they are not only watches, but small brains that can be used in houses controlled by Android in the future? Who knows, and it’s probably too early to make a bet like this. But with a GPS watch from ENTERTAINMENTDNS, the cubic format has a chance to be more useful than any other similar device even today.

Of course, whereas the WIMM One was released in 2011, it is reasonable to consider that the next model was already being designed before Google acquired the company. But we can say that features such as the modular screen will be present. What will your final form we still don’t know, but One had a potential WIMM that required the support of a giant like Google, then we can consider that the “WIMM Two” will be better.

With The Features You Need

But a great smartwatch clock is more than hardware. A watch that can show you things only matters when he can show good things. The current smartwatches can, in the best cases, give a preview of text messages and emails. It’s nice, but something expendable, unlikely that you can convince yourself that this is something really necessary. But Google is in a perfect position to give something new. Something else.

Google knows who you are. Unless you’re completely disconnected, he knows exactly where you live, where you work, what you like, who you know, what you’re looking for, what are your favorite teams, and more. It’s scary to see that being listed, but the benefits are clear when you look at Google Now. And is it Google bet, it is from him that Google plans to your future. Can you think of a watch “Nexus”, but the best thing will be the use of Google Now.

Imagine: a clock Nexus takes advantage of all the information that Google has of you and shows directly to your eyes, and what you need to do is look at your wrist. Time of the next train? Estimated time to get to work? Result of your game time? Everything in your arm, without the need to do any kind of question. We’re talking about Google Now on your way more palatable. This is the Google Glass, except that maybe it’s a little strange to have a watch like that on your wrist, but nothing compared to the full weirdness of being a cyborg glasses on your face. Not to mention the possibility of price is much smaller.

But a watch from Google can be much more than a Google machine Now. It can be a Google machine Now done by Google. Without any intermediary. Stop for a second and think about the options available now. The Samsung Galaxy Gear hide notifications from Google services like Now, or even Gmail and Hangouts, showing only beasts instead of interesting things that you get Samsung apps. Meanwhile, companies such as Pebble or Sony rely on that Google currently offers, meaning that they redirect your smartphone notifications since I can’t show them directly (at least for now).

A clock Nexus wouldn’t have this problem, and there’s nothing better to do than provide data from Google with speed and convenience. We’re not talking only about Google Now, but also the calendar, Gmail, Maps and Hangouts. And, according to the WSJ, the data come directly from Google Now. You don’t have to be any kind of fanatic by Google to see the potential of it. You just have to be a regular user of the internet.

And it doesn’t stop there. This is the scenario prepared for the launch. The clock with Google Now also would improve Google Now. He improves as you use, the more situations you use it, the better he gets. Whether in a clock, on a smartphone with Android, on a device with iOS, and maybe even on Google.com.

Geek too, but great

It’s very likely that Google is putting the finishing touches on the first smartwatch clock you may want, but let’s take it slow: it must not be this the clock that will make the devices gain strength.

But what Google are preparing can point the potential of this category of gadget, a sample of what they can do much more than pieces of e-mail or text messages. Even if those small parts of messages to be enough for some people, the smartwatches are still niche devices.Google Now should point the direction that the market will follow. Is the bridge between the super nerds and the normal entusitastas of technology.

We already have major companies such as Samsung and Sony, betting on smartwatches, but to no avail. But between Google Now and some device to keep in your pocket, Google has the necessary ingredients to make the devices have some sense.