Web, with More Accessories and Most Beautiful Twitter Customer

This time reviewing it’s up to Web, that was my first Twitter client and the most desired by install. The country of the rising sun arrives this customer that since he left, has not yet left the Beta version, but frankly that despite everything, works fine.

If other clients claim was its versatility, its faithfulness to the original version or its integration with more social networks, in Web We find that his ACE in the hole is the interface. With difference, today, it is the nicest cclient for mobile, envy even of other platforms, which will have to meet with the desire, knowing that Web means Twitter Cclient for AnDroid.

Web, an interface that you will convince

Well, once its interface lets you catch, you discover that it is a cake with lots of flavor inside, spread over a ease of configuration and agility when it comes to working with it, that is, read, change your status, respond to one or more, or just echo what you read.

It is the first client that proposes a new Visual Filters system with the people you follow. The method consists in assigning colors, up to 9, users or groups of users, to stand out from the rest at a glance. Obviously This system is not official, and only works in Web.

In the lists management is not short: you can refer to them, see the people who follow them, those who are inside, adding to more people, and something that others do not have, allows you to create the lists. If you are of those who cannot live without the lists, do not say anything new by declaring that this is your customer.

Web, expanding possibilities

One of the strengths of the Web is that the developer has left open the possibility that the community can create plugins to extend and improve their chances. Proof of acceptance of this customer is the amount of plugins that can be found in the AnDroid Market.

I’m currently using TweetDeck, because the main defect, or rather lack, of Web It’s just It cannot manage more than one account. Perhaps the day that comes out of Beta, developer phase place 2 versions in the AnDroid Market: a completely free mono-cuenta, i.e. the current; and other payment, with support multi-cuentas. If met this forecast do not import I disburse the amount you ask for.