We Released The New Design on Engadget Mobile

If you’re reading this, surely you have shocked you meet a change in appearance quite remarkable in Engadget Mobile. No, you’ve not confused website, but that we have just released the new design that Weblogs SL is implemented in all its publications. The style is different: more modern, more orderly, lighter and easier to use.

One of the most important changes is that you can see just entering the top of the page. On the one hand, appear the main subject categories. On the other hand, charge profile labels of greater weight and relevance in the publication. In addition the size of the head is reduced to give importance to what really has it: content.

Right at the bottom, now appears a News carousel, It displays most important news and special articles. Thus, at a glance the most outstanding information of the moment you can see and at the same time this will not be lost among the rest of news we publish every day.

We will talk about the general structure of each article, where there is also considerable changes. Incumbents now are full page and focused, drawing much more attention. Again, the content is important, Since at all times the reader will know what we are talking about.

Other requests we often receive is that relating to the improvement of the system of comments, and with regard to this we also have good news. With the new design, your reflections and opinions passed to occupy all the width of the blog to facilitate reading, maintaining (and improving) nested comments system, that also now allows to collapse talks if wish it. In terms of subscription options, remain the same as always (all reviews or none, the default) and also add the possibility to subscribe only to the answers received by a particular.

Example of nested and collapsible comments

Finally, we highlight other two interesting changes: the first is that the name of the editor that writes every post, as well as its image, now appears in the right side of the page. The second, that we are sure that more than one will appreciate, is the social buttons to share the content are now located under the main article photography, bothering much less than before.

And these are the main novelties of this new design that will little by little taking all Weblogs SL publications and which today has come to Engadget Mobile. We hope you enjoy it and We encourage you to test it thoroughly. If you detect any errors or problems, or just want to leave us a suggestion, you can contact us through our contact form. Many thanks to all!