Watches With Android Can Run On The Iphone

Android watches Wear may be compatible with the iPhone soon. Fight Smart Watches market warm

São Paulo – the Google may have a new plan for the Platform Android Wear. The system has focus on devices of wearable computing, in particular the Smart Watches. The next step for the system is to be compatible with iOS, Apple, and work in partnership with the iPhone.

The information was obtained and published by The Vergewebsite. The fact was passed to the site by a source close to the development team of Google.According to her, the last technical details are being adjusted.

With that, the smart watches from companies like Samsung, LG and Motorolawould direct dispute with Apple Watch. Until now, watches with Android can be used only with the Android system. IPhone owners have as main option the Apple Watch-apart from other watches as the Pebble.

Even synchronized with the iPhone, apparently the clocks would continue supporting Google Now and the information provided by Google – and would have integration with enterprise apps such as Gmail .

A developer working with development in an LG G Watch R found in Android code Wear related iOS code 4.4. In an interview granted to the Vintagewill, the product manager of Android Wear hinted that Google would like to take the system to the iPhone. “We always want as much users taking advantage of our experience, we are very interested in allowing more people can use the Android Wear,” said Jeff Chang.

Apple hasn’t started selling Apple Watch. The first reviews published this week were not so positive. The fact of the Watch not be unanimity for users of iOS can make room for a bigger fight.

The big question right now is whether Apple will allow the operation of intelligent watches using Android in partnership with the iPhone. Remember that smartwatches from third parties, such as the Pebble, have such authorization.

Wanted by The Verge for comment, both companies didn’t give much information.Apple recursou to talk about it. Google already said that you don’t have anything to announce for now. For now.