Watch With High Technology Costs $165,000

Would you pay $165,000 for this watch? Before you answer “no”, we will know in detail the Urwerk 202 Twin Turbine, one of the coolest wrist watches and complete of all time. The watch, which also receives the ID UR-202, has various technologies that can justify your high price.

The UR-202 was created by watch Urwerk and stands out by having an aged appearance,steampunk-style, but with an operating system very bold and modern, because it uses a set of three pointers to show the hours, in addition to using the friction of the air for the operation of its internal components.

The watch uses two small miniature air turbines, Twin Turbines calls for replacing the traditional rotating vanes. Push the air compressors to move the internal components of the watch. The user can view the operation on the back of the product. According to the position of the selector lever, the turbines work with buffers, softening the sudden movement of the gears, reducing wear and increasing the life of the clock.

The turbine system is self-sustaining, because the air flows under the turbines and is piped to a Sapphire card, which carries air into the gears. The turbines are controlled by a three position selector switch, which adjust the level of compression of the air that flows within your Office.

In addition, the UR-202 watch relies on the technology of Urwerk called Revolving Satellite Complication, which causes the watch to display the time in a “satellite” system, which, for your time, set your pointers as accurately as possible.

Are only 200 models available on the market and the price is “only” $165,000. Below, see the promo video: