Types of Mobile Devices: Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone

If for you, digital life rhymes with inactivity, opt again for a desktop computer or a notebook widescreen (that also some baptize “transportable”). Both offer a great comfort of use (nice keyboard with numeric keypad, widescreen) and numerous expansion slots.

If you are a gambler, the desktop is more interesting since it can ship a graphics card much more efficient than a computer. Complete it possibly a Tablet if you want to read the newspaper, play games or watch videos in your bed. In your case, the smartphone won’t bring you much more: just a traditional mobile phone to self-government more than 3 to 5 days and allows you to call your grandchildren. Check Internetdict further for major types of mobile phones.

Addicted to the keyboard?

Things get a little complicated if you are not sedentary. The laptop is recommended-see essential-for students, budding or experienced artists (photographers, videographers, musicians, etc.) and any user category needing a keyboard once or several times a day. According to its budget and its needs, it will opt for a machine entry (from 300 to €500, perfect for basic office tasks and e-mail management) or a more sophisticated model (up to € 1,800).

Theultrabook, traditional clever compromise between the laptop and ultraportable, seems a wise choice. You will complete your Smartphone for your agenda, your address book management and instant access to social networks. Not to mention, of course, the function “connection sharing” that allows your notebook to connect to the Net in 4G when no Wifi network is available.

The weight above all

You are highly nomadic and for you every gram counts? Then totally give up the notebook and opt for a tablet. It will make you to pretty much the same services while being much less bulky. Only real concession, the keyboard which becomes touch and which facilitates so not entering long texts. If you really are missing, some manufacturers offer detachable keyboard shelves. It is for example the case of Microsoft with Surface 3 (optionally) or Asus and its Transformer Book Chi including the keyboard detachable, provided with the Tablet, contains a battery dramatically extending its autonomy.

Just like the notebook, the tablet will be able to connect to the Net with your smartphone connection sharing feature. If you’re not too talkative, forget the smartphone and opt for a Tablet Wifi + 3G / 4G to be permanently connected to the Internet.

Ultimate nomadism

This is still too bulky for you? Then you have the “phablet” from anglicism from the contraction of Smartphone and tablet. It is a very big screen smartphone (between and 5 and 6 “) replacing the two products. The ZenFone 2 ZE551ML, recently announced by Asus combines big screen, excellent performance and price very interesting as well as for the Note 4 Samsung Galaxy with a stylus adding original and useful functions.