Tomtom Spark Cardio + Music in the Test: the Musical 24 h Sports Watch

The Smartphone can now stay while jogging at home: the sports watch TomTom spark cardio + music records data via GPS and heart rate monitor, supplied Bluetooth headphones with music and in addition is a Fitnesstracker.

Go TomTom you won’t attract the spark as their predecessors only to the sport, but wear the clock 24 hours, let them count your steps and monitor your sleep. I think the sports watch sits comfortably and is not too big or clunky. As daily Fitnesstracker it is still too big, since I prefer lighter wearables. But this is a matter of taste.

Space for a music Marathon

The internal memory of the TomTom spark cardio + music is three gigabytes in size. That is enough space for about 500 songs, so you should hear no song twice at the marathon. You transmits the MP3 or AAC files with the TomTom MySports connect the charging cable from the computer program on the sports watch. To connect to a Bluetooth headset, it is sufficient to press upwards on the four-way button and select the desired playback device in the list. Overall, I find the operation via the button below the display well resolved. After a few days I had internalized the menu structure and could launch the tracking for the running and cycling – both indoor and outdoor – and swimming – is the spark to a depth of 40 meters water resistant – gym and freestyle activities.

Doing with the battery that? And whether: I held out the spark of ten days, the battery was then still always not completely empty. In this time I have the sports watch especially as Fitnesstracker worn and total around 75 minutes sports with music as well as GPS and heart rate measurement, which will only turn on both, if they are helpful for the chosen sport, done. You make it run daily one hour to go, the battery life is reduced of course.

The data collected can on your Smartphone transferred her spark via Bluetooth from the TomTom and evaluated the MySports app. By the way the data land on TomTom’s servers – so you can look at it in the browser. Alternatively, also a transfer on the charger and the computer in the cloud is possible. Here, I can not only see how many steps I went on the day, but get also a detailed analysis of my sporting activities.

Conclusion: Smart training without Internet connection

I found it very beautiful, thanks to the TomTom spark cardio + music also sports without Smartphone do to, but at the same time measurement data not on music to dispense. However, I have only access to MP3s or AACs and do without on Spotify and co.. The similar expensive Fitbit I find appealing visually but surge that polar V800 opts for a different concept of control – I would have to give up music but the two.

The spark TomTom offers four different variants. The tested version cardio + music is the top model with 249 euro. In addition, there are the sports watch with heart rate monitor optionally only or only with music storage for $199 or complete without the additional features than pure GPS-Fitness – and sports watches for kids from programingplease.