Timeriffic, Programming The Mobile Depending on The Time of Day

One of the advantages of having a mobile phone with Android is that they can be used for phone applications behave exactly as we want at any time, and all without having to interact with it, automatically. Timeriffic is an application that helps us to determine its behavior depending on the time of day.

For example, we can want that 12 h in the evening at 8 am in the morning the mobile is automatically put in silence and disconnect the wifi and 3 G, since we are going to sleep. From 8 h to 18 h, that is on vibrate, with 3G active. And from 6 pm onwards that activates the sound and also have the wifi enabled. All of this from Monday to Friday, but weekend want to behave differently.

Well, Timeriffic is the ideal application to set this behavior. You can also program the volume of phone, alarms, notifications, multimedia also according to the time of day. It is a very complete application to have entered our usual hours and not having to be changing the settings by hand.

Besides all this, there are two other advantages. The first is that little, is 300 KB. The second is that is free software, the source code is released under the GPL version 3 license, which can serve as example for developers and the code is easily auditable. Additionally, the application is free.

By the way, to run the part of enable / disable the 3G uses another application, the APNDroid Free, which is also free, takes up little space and also allows to have a widget on the desktop to enable / disable the 3G connection.

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