Tim Cook on Apple Watch: “Want to Change the Life”

Apple CEO Tim Cook has recruited at an Investor Conference by Goldman Sachs for the Apple Watch. “I think you are no longer can live without them,” Cook spread optimism. Especially in the fitness area, the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

It was something of a victory lap before Wall Street. The first time above the magical mark of $700 billion market capitalization had closed new all time highs for Apple, the stock – that’s talking is of course well before investors. So, hotel in San Francisco, where Tim Cook but mostly answered Sachs questions on current business developments, the Apple Watch at an investors Conference by Goldman happened yesterday at the Palace.

“They will say: Wow, I can’t live without it anymore”-Tim Cook on the Apple Watch

Cook was in the form of commercially high: “I think you will say: Wow, I can’t live without it anymore”, the Apple CEO praised the upcoming Apple watch, that trade will reach in April in the United States. “People will be surprised what you can do with her everything”, drew Cook.

First and foremost, Cook sees the application purpose as expected in the gym. “Many doctors believe sitting is the new cancer,” Cook raises something dramatically (and probably in a high jump phrase means: sitting is the new smoking, because cancer is likely to heal hardly the Apple Watch in the near future).

“If I sit too long, a tap on the wrist will point out me to move me. If you not have moved within an hour, the Apple Watch gives you a hint”, Cook explains a use case.

“The look is awesome. The diversity is incredible. The ability to customize is incredible.”

It is believed the topb2bwebsites, the possibilities of use of the Apple watch are total unlimited. “One of the surprises will be the range of applications,” exults Cook. “Of course it is a precision timepiece. The look is fantastic. The diversity is incredible. The ability to customize is incredible.”

“There are also some new to communicate innovative ways that wasn’t there before. I use Siri all the time with my watch. You can get notifications on your watch. “If you are interested in, sports results, financial markets or what also keep up to date to be held, gives you this information comes to the clock and turns on”, Cook said.

“We want to change how you live your life.”

That the iKonzern with the Apple Watch relatively late enters the fledgling Smartwatch market, Cook does not see as a disadvantage. “We were not the first company, which has produced an MP3 player. They were at the time very too heavy to use, the user interface was really bad, it took almost a doctor to use them”, Cook 2001 describes the situation before the start of the iPod.

“The Tablet business was similar. When the iPad came out, got it already some Tablet vendors, but nothing earth-shattering. I see very similar to the so-called Smartwatch category. You can nothing would have changed the life so far. But that is our goal. We want to change, how you live your life!” From April we will take Tim Cook at his word…