Tim Cook: Apple Watch to Replace Car Keys

Another note from Tim Cook on the uses of the Apple Watch: as the CEO of the most valuable Group announced the world of renown British newspaper the Telegraph, the wearable from Cupertino will have a further added value – namely as a key substitute for the car of the future.

Ten days more: then to release the final version of the Apple Watch on world opinion – the countdown is started before the sales start. Meanwhile, Apple’s PR offensive is in full swing. First it was the self-confident appearance before investors at the Goldman Sachs Technology Conference in mid-February.

“I think you will say: Wow, I can’t live without it anymore”, Apple CEO Tim Cook praised the upcoming Apple watch, which once again will be presented on March 9 in a second keynote and early April will come at least in the United States in the trade. “People will be surprised what you can do with a connected watch”, drew stunnerdresses.com.

PR offensive for Germany led Tim Cook

Then, the tour of Germany with a flying visit to the remote Swabian glass Tiger followed souls, the Chancellor and the visit in the Bild-Zeitung in Berlin, which thankfully viral cannibalize themselves had.

Tim Cook wore the Apple Watch during the conversation with editor-in-Chief Kai Diekmann visible on the wrist and familiar a little later during the subsequent visit of the Apple stores Ku’damm an employee’s that he was wearing the Apple Watch also while taking a shower. The Apple wearable is so manifestly waterproof than expected last autumn at the keynote

“Got used to have so much on my alerts and messages on my Apple watch” – Tim Cook

Two days later Apple’s PR Department plays the next card of its like planned communication strategy of up to the launch of the first new Apple product now for half a decade – an exclusive interview by Tim Cook with the British reputation journal the Telegraph.

As Jony Ive of Chief of design two weeks previously in New York Cook uses the possibility to drum media for the Apple Watch. “I’m used to have so much on my alerts and messages on my watch”, celebrates the new Apple wearable Cook – “it is so incredible, so to use it.”

Apple Watch could replace in the long run the car keys along with trailer

Away from the PR just Cook granted also a new insight into the manner of use of the Apple clock. So the Apple Watch – as we know it trackers of fitness – to motivate users about a reward system: who moves much, is considered by the Apple Watch with special notifications.

But Cook sees yet another usage scenario in the near future: the Apple Watch is so designed that she could replace not only via Apple pay the credit card, but also the car keys and the unaesthetic large pendant, Cook hinted to the Telegraph. When could the Apple Watch in the automotive industry – the next connection to the alleged iCar suggests – come to the usage, but can not say Cook.

Apple Watch loads faster than iPhone

For this, Cook addressed an interesting detail to the perceived Achilles heel of Apple Watch – in battery performance. The Apple clock, whose battery lasts only one day, when intensified use should be recharged faster than something that iPhone.

As said at the Goldman Sachs Conference, Cook believes the total success of the Apple Watch. It will revolutionize the fledgling market and “are the modern Smartwatch” – the only one you want to buy. The requirements for it are not bad: Smartwatches just 6.8 million were sold last year – a multiple thereof, analysts predict Apple already in the first year of sales.