The Thief Chases Your Smartphone

The holiday stands for door and it is also the peak season for thieves and break-ins. Police therefore calls on the people to be extra vigilant.

The summer holidays are in charge of the door, which also means peak season for thieves and break-ins. Therefore calls on the Fyn Police also to take good care of – especially on the sought after smartphones.It writes our site.

-“Do not have the bag lying loose in the bike basket – and keep it always closed for long fingers. Beware of the sought after smartphones. To become into between surprised how cheeky thieves may be, if they see an expensive smartphone within easy reach, “says Niels Erik Jensen, who is Police Commissioner Nymark at Fyns Police, to TV 2 Fyn.

Police also urge you to never have your phone, purse or other valuables lying in an easily accessible pocket or bag.

-“If we soak up on the beach, enjoy an outdoor café or perhaps to the concert, so you have to think about how to fit best on your stuff. Because it is really a pity if an otherwise pretty good day ends with that one must declare that the smart phone or wallet is stolen, “says Niels Erik Nymark Jensen.