The Rates for BT Mobile

Long has announced the launch of this OMV destined mainly to the business sector and it has finally started to offer its services under the Vodafone coverage although it does so timidly since to be focused businesses, yet many services missing if compared to traditional operators.

BT Mobile is released with one rate single 10 cents/minute more 15 cents call set-up and a minimum consumption of €10 €1 minimum consumption data if you do not disable this service. Messages will cost 15 cents/sms and you can surf the internet from mobile phone for €2 /MB or if prefer you by 80 cents/MB in Exchange for a monthly fee of €6 / month.

In addition to the one-time fee, it will be necessary to hire at least one of the following modules monthly fee €10 each and with a limit of 500 minutes/module. The available options are: calls internal free, calls to fixed paying only the call set-up, called by 5 cents per minute the weekend, 5 cents per minute calls to 5 numbers National and calls for 10 cents/minute to 5 numbers International.

They will also offer mobile from €0 change of permanence as the HTC S620, the Nokia E65, 5200, 6300, 2760, 2630 and the E250 Samsung J400.