The Race Has Begun To Advertise On Apple Watch

The new Apple device hasn’t even started to be sold, but advertisers are already keeping an eye on possibilities

São Paulo – although the Apple Watch -the watch clever of Apple – hasn’t even started to be sold (estimates are March of that year). But the race of the advertisers by advertising on the device has started.

Apple has released Apple Watch, for example, SDK, software development kit for those interested in creating apps that work on the clock. It’s the first step to develop, of course, ads in these applications.

But, this time, Apple will be approving more closely every project developed, since there will be simply “downloading the app that already exists of smartphones directly to the Apple Watch”.

In fact, the clock’s still SDK in beta format and will change much.

There are already interested in the US. For example, the InMarket, a mobile advertising platform. The AdWeek, the company said it thought the Marsh Supermarkets in creating ads aimed at the clock.

When customers – who had installed the app – enter in any of the stores, receive offers tips and suggestions for purchase.


For brands, the possibility of collecting user data is encouraging. Is the big date .

Since the consumer will walk with this on your wrist all day and the functional nature of the device is just offer software that fit into the daily life and aid in everyday life, imagine the milhões habit and behavior information that the marks could get.

With such information for Marketing, advertise on the small screen would have a high price and would be valuable to any strategy of any company.

But Apple can cut the wings of these marketers hopeful. It is likely that she forbids it collects users ‘ data applications to turn into ads.

With your Fitness HealthKit, for example, the company banned apps that used the data to create LED watches.

A possible interested businessman Padden Guy Murphy – car sharing service Getaround, told Reuters an important caveat about the ads:

“If you feel that your smart watch is turning into a spam box, she’s going to get him out of the wrist,” he pondered.

That sentence sums up the caution that Apple needs to have, as well as good sense required by businesses. The clock will be a “more fragile” to ads.


The companies already can be animated, but Apple is still far from solving your ad model for the clock.

She’s your own ad platform, iAd. You can choose just by your own schema.

The iAd is not as competitive as the platforms of Google and Facebook, for example. But if closing could be a good strategy to put aside their rivals into something that can become great.


Irrespective of the model adopted by Apple to allow ads, there will be customers.

The Business Insider Intelligence projects 15 million units sold in the U.S. this year. As early as 2020, 50 million of project Apple Watch users.

1. The crop of 2015

Sao Paulo–want to know the news that Apple prepares for 2015? Gathered here, the main rumors and predictions for the product line of the company throughout the year. Check out the photos.

2. Apple Watch

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch in September and should begin to sell it in the first quarter of 2015. Will work as an extension of the iPhone screen. On the clock, the user will view information of apps and interact with them. Will be three models, each available in two sizes and with various finishing options. Different in appearance, they have identical operation. In the United States, the price will start at $349.

3. iPad Pro

The old rumor that Apple prepares a iPad with 12 or 13-inch screen isn’t dead. This giant is being called iPad iPad Pro or iPad Air Plus. You can have a dockable keyboard, in the style of convertible tablets with Windows. Japanese Mac Fan magazine says that he will be released between April and June 2015.

4. MacBook Air Retina

The MacBook Air with high resolution Retina screen, is one of the most anticipated products by Apple fans. It is likely to turn into reality in 2015. Rumors indicate that Apple is developing a 12-inch model with Retina display. It would be a size intermediate between the current, of 11 and 13 inches. Should be released in the middle of the year.

5. Apple TV refurbished

Apple TV-receiver that allows you to view multimedia content from the internet on TV – has evolved little since it was launched in 2007. It is possible that, in 2015, this gadget to be redrawn and gain the ability to run games, going on to compete with games consoles. It is also possible that he enter the HomeKit, Apple software component that lets you interact with other appliances. In addition, it is almost certain that the Apple TV to receive new content channels in 2015.

6. iPhone 6s

It is true that Apple will release an updated version of the iPhone 6, 4.7 inches, in 2015 – probably in September. It is possible that if call iPhone 6s and bring updates in the internal hardware and the operating system, keeping the design of the current model. One of the improvements expected is a higher-resolution front-facing camera, able to produce best quality selfies.

7. iPhone 6s Plus

Estimates indicate that a quarter of the smartphones sold by Apple are iPhone 6 template Plus, of 5.5 inches. As your little brother, the “phablet” from Apple must also be updated in 2015. How the iPhone 6, 6 Plus is likely to get a more powerful front camera to please supporters of selfies. The new model can be called iPhone iPhone Plus 7 Plus or 6s.

·         8. iPhone 6s Mini

  • The market analyst Timothy Arcuri, of Cowen & Company Company,claims that Apple is planning a new 4-inch iPhone. The goal would be to meet the demand that still exists for smaller models of iPhone. In countries such as Brazil, the iPhone would be a successor to Mini 6s iPhone 5 c, less expensive option to the iPhone 5.

9. iOS 9

Apple to announce a new version of iOS, the operating system of the iPhone in June (she’s been doing this every year). We still don’t know what’s coming. But we would like the iOS won the possibility of creating multiple user profiles, as already happens on Android. So, it would be easier to share an iPad, for example, between various family members.

10. iPad and iPad mini 4 3 Air

Apple has updated the iPad every year. So, come new editions in 2015, probably in October. Although the iPad mini 3 not have excited the fans, several sources confirm that Apple didn’t give up of your 7.9 inch tablet. We don’t know what will be the news. But best cameras and increased storage capacity are on the wish list of users-both for the iPad Air 3 as to the iPad mini 4.

11. MS Office for Mac

A novelty that does not depend on Apple – but that matters a lot to the Mac users – is a new edition of Microsoft Office for Apple computers. Office for Mac is of 2010 and is already outdated. But Microsoft has already confirmed that it is developing a new version. The release should happen in the second half of 2015.

12. And the Apple tv?

One of the most frustrating stories about Apple’s tv that the company would be developing. Steve Jobs talked about him to your biographer Walter Isaacson. But that was more than three years, and there is still no evidence that this appliance go come true. One of the few people who still believe in the iTV (as was nicknamed the tv) is the market analyst Gene Munster. He insists that Apple will even launch it – in 2016.

13. Now see the apps of the year chosen by Apple: