The Galaxy Gear, Smart Wristwatch From Samsung

The IFA fair begins next week, and Samsung just leave us more anxious for it. The company has stated officially that we will see, on September 4, the Galaxy Gear-your newest smart wristwatch. The Galaxy Note 3 is also confirmed.

In an interview with the Korea Times, a Samsung Executive said the Galaxy Gear “will not have a flexible display”, so the rumors of a curved screen probably aren’t real. She says these are “concepts for future products.

However, she says that “the new device will improve and enrich current experience with smartphones in many ways”.

And the rumors so far indicate this. The Executive suggested that the Galaxy Gear is a companion for smartphones, and not a cell phone itself – is what did The Verge. That’s good, since cellular connection components spend a lot of battery; but without a smartphone he should not serve to much (only show the time?).

Furthermore, she suggests that the interaction between smartphone and smartwatch clock will have some tricks up their sleeves. According to GigaOM, opening an email notification on the smartwatch clock, the phone opens that email alone; the same happens with Twitter and Facebook. However, the Galaxy Gear must use a proprietary protocol from Samsung to connect to other devices, namely: it may require a smartphone (or tablet?) from Samsung to work right.

And the Galaxy Note 3? According to rumors, he will design similar to Galaxy S4, Full-screen HD even more 5.68 “-with thin edges of only 2.2 mm -improved 13 megapixel camera and two processor options: Exynos 5 Octa of eight cores (up to four work simultaneously), or 800 quad-core Snapdragon.

The Executive also says the Korea Times that Samsung has no interest in acquiring the LG G Watch R (find, which recently has been willing to be bought. There were rumors that Samsung would be interested in the patent portfolio. Last year, a similar rumor circulated, also denied by Korean.