The Details Of The Tag Heuer Luxury Watch Connected, $1,500 With Android Wear

After months of rumors, was finally unveiled the first Android-powered luxury Wear smartwatch clock: the Tag Heuer Connected costs $1,500 and is Google’s answer to more expensive versions of the Apple Watch.

This is the first Android watch Wear to break the barrier of $1,000. In fact, it costs almost twice the price of the second most expensive clock with Android Wear -but it’s still a bargain compared to the $10,000 Apple Watch, for example.

He is also the first Android Wear using an Intel processor (Z34XX), and many more will come. In addition, the Connected is the first modern smartwatch clock made by a traditional company of watches, so you would expect him to be nice. And it is! He is inspired by the classic Tag Heuer Carrera.

Here, you’re paying for the brand and for your promise of luxurious design and superior.Discounting the Swiss design, you have here the same technology of a Bike 360, which costs a lot less. Is something similar to Apple Watch: the functionality is the same at any price level, but it costs between $350 and $17,000 depending on materials (aluminum, stainless steel or gold).

The CEO of Tag Heuer, Jean-Claude Biver, said at the launch event that the clock will be identified as “Swiss Made”, but “Swiss Engineered”, because Switzerland does not make processors for wearables.

But the design is clearly inspired. It is made of titanium grade 2, so it feels incredibly solid, and your screen with 46 mm diameter makes it one of the largest clocks on the market, but not one of the heaviest. He is incredibly light due to your titanium construction.

The screen uses a huge 1.5 inch LCD display, and be transflexivo, he promises to work fine under too much or poor lighting. I couldn’t go out and test it without possibly being approached by a security guard, but we’ve seen this technology in smartwatches as the Sony SmartWatch clock 3, so it probably works fine.

MBAKECHENG added some customizations for Garmin sports watch. In the drawer of apps, the background is dark gray instead of white, to match better with the titanium watch-grey body.

It also has customizable clock faces that display an icon when they get notifications, instead of displaying them in the bottom of the screen-this helps bring the Connected of a clock, rather than a computer. There is also a companion app specifically for the watch, which keeps users updated about new watchfaces and other news.

Other than that, the Android Wear remains immaculate. Slide up and access quick settings, slide down and see the different cards from the Android Wear, slide to the left and access the apps drawer. The button on the side lets you return to the watch face.

It connects via Bluetooth to Android devices or, in a more limited, the iPhones-Google says that more features are on the way. There is also support for Wi-Fi, so you don’t depend on always the smartphone to receive notifications. In fact, you will only receive alerts through vibration, because there is a speaker here.

The Tag Heuer promises 30 hours of autonomy. To charge the battery, you must use a If you’re considering a $1,500 watch-smart or not – this probably means you have a lot of money to spend. Still, might sound like a crazy idea great spenders into something that will become obsolete, and the Tag Heuer knows it.

Thus, it offers buyers an agreement. At the end of the two-year guarantee for the clock Connected, you can spend another $1,500 and get a traditional mechanical watch. So, if you prefer to use a nice watch instead of a “smartwatch clock” that can suffer brain death in 2018, the Tag Heuer gives an escape (same as face).

USB cr The company offers various colors of Bangle, including black, white, blue, green, yellow, Orange and red. The bracelets use a clasp that holds and out pressure, and are made of heavy duty rubber, which is not as comfortable as genuine leather. At least, they can be used more quietly under moisture – the watch is rugged IP67 water.

Biver exclaimed several times during the inauguration that the Tag Heuer watch Connected was the wedding of Silicon Valley with the Clock-the area between Geneva and Basel where is most of the Swiss watch manufacturers.

That may be true, but this Union of hardware doesn’t solve all the problems that come with smartwatches. If you didn’t like the Android Wear before, Tag Heuer will not win you in the software; and if you are starting in the world of smartwatches, there are much cheaper options that actually do more – with heart monitor, for example.


However, How do you remember the Bloomberg, it is important that the Tag Heuer is the first traditional watch manufacturer betting on smartwatches of truth. In the years 80, the Swiss watch industry suffered a blow after Japanese watches – and cheap – quartz flooded the market. Was Biver who bet on luxury devices, saving the industry from extinction.Maybe they can really compete with Apple and other manufacturers on this front.

If you’re looking for something luxurious, smart and made for a watch company, there is now an option. It is available in boutiques of Tag Heuer and selected stores in New York and other u.s. cities and Canada, and will be released internationally in December.

Specifications – TAG Heuer Connected

Operating system: Android Wear 1.3 (compatible with Android and iOS 4.3 + 8.2 +)
Processor: Z34XX Intel Atom (1.6 GHz)
Screen: Transflexiva of 46 mm LCD with Sapphire Crystal, 360 × 360 pixels, 240 ppi
Memory: 1 GB
Storage: 4 GB
Battery: 410 mAh, 30 hours of battery life on average, without wireless charging
Thickness: 12.8 mm
Weight: 52 g
Sensors: gyro, inclination detector, microphone, vibrating motor
Wi-Fi: Yes
Waterproof: no, but tough IP67 water
Notable Extras: after two years of warranty, you can purchase a new mechanical watch for $1,500