The Details Of The Moto 360

Motorola comes slowly, revealing details about the Bike 360. It was announced in March;We did hands-on it in June; and he comes to Brazil in October. The price here, unfortunately, is still a mystery.

In the US, he will be released today for $250 at Play Store, and Best Buy. A metal bracelet version will cost $300 in the fourth quarter, when it will also be possible to buy just the metal bracelet ($ 80) or leather ($ 30).

In addition, the specifications are now known:

1.56-inch LCD screen with resolution 320 x 290 pixels and Gorilla glass Glass 3
TI OMAP 3 processor
512 MB of RAM
4 GB internal memory
optical monitor heart rate
IP67 water and dust resistance
320 mAh battery that lasts a day
two microphones to cancel noise
46 mm in diameter and 11.5 mm high
49 grams

Wireless charger inside

It is a pity that the Moto 360, as well as other Android devices Wear on the market, has battery that lasts little – you will need another device to carry every day. The wireless charger is nice, but can be problematic for anyone who travels a lot – it’s more a small gadget to lose.

When you put the Moto 360 as an LED watch, he displays a circle indicating the battery percentage, which loads in 1 hour. It seems that Motorola has made a change in the interface, not to leave so clear the dark spot at the bottom of the screen, where the components of the display.

But there is still a lot to like in the Bike 360. It is made of stainless steel and has leather bracelets and steel (no plastic here). It can be submerged in water up to 1 m depth for up to 30 minutes (not waterproof).

The Bike has a pedometer 360 which is always active to show how many steps you have given throughout the day or week-you just say “ok google, show my steps.” It also has a fixed goal of 10,000 steps per day for you reach.

And he has a heart monitor that can measure your heart rate throughout the day. It displays your current rate, and a summary of your activity during the day. It also includes a goal: 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise 5 times a week.

You can customize the display of the watch using the Motorola Connect, compatible with any device running Android 4.3 or higher. The app also lets you set your height, weight and age to accompany better your physical activity, and also find your Bike 360 if you lose.

The Bike 360 can be paired with devices running Android 4.3 + with support for Bluetooth Low Energy. And Motorola remember some features work even if you don’t pair with a smartphone: it tells time, allows you to configure alarms, displays calendar alerts and keep monitoring your physical activity (pedometer and heart rate).

As we explained here, Android devices Wear receive Google notifications Now and its apps for Android. You can perform commands – how to answer the mail – playing on the screen and dictating the message. You install apps directly into Play Store: if they integrate to Wear, they will be automatically activated.

The Bike 360 is a device too beautiful, and Motorola struggled to disguise your problem more visible – the black spot on the screen (with the components of the display), especially in watch dials.

But he suffers from the same problem of other Android devices Wear: the battery only lasts a day. If you are looking for a smart and beautiful watch, and your battery is not an issue, the Bike 360 is a competitor of weight – it remains to be seen how much it will cost in Brazil.

The Gizmodo Brazil traveled to Chicago at the invitation of Motorola; original photo by Motorola