Swype to SwiftKey X, Matter of Taste

One of the biggest advantages of Android is that it allows to customize the keyboard. Is not necessary to use that comes by default in Android, although that of Android 2.3 Gingerbread enough improves user experience.

The two most popular keyboards that exist to date are Swiftkey and Swype. Both are trying to accelerate the write speeds, but each in their own way. I’ve tried the two for some time and these are my conclusions.

Swiftkey, predicting what you will write

The key to Swiftkey is simply your ability to forecast. Not only while you write, making it in his own way the original Android keyboard, but is able to predict the next word. For example, if we started writing “M”, it suggests “Me”, as well as other keyboards. But by selecting the word “Me” directly suggests “I will”, which is a usual thing after ‘Me’.

In addition Swiftkey learns of what we write. One thing that surprised me at the beginning is that when I write my name (well, actually when I write “Ale” already I is suggesting “Alejandro”), then suggest me my surname, which is very comfortable to fill in forms.

The keyboard is very stable, works well, and is very simple to understand. At the top always suggests three words, and the Center is selected also simply by pressing the space bar.

With respect to languages are Spanish and English, apart from many others, and you can use two at the same time without having to change anything. Just the keyboard recognizes the language in which they wrote, which is very comfortable.

The price of this Swiftkey is $ 4.99, but occasionally they get promotions, the last still in effect for 1.99 dollars, although I got to purchase it from its launch for $0.99. There is a trial version which lasts for a month, enough time to test it thoroughly.

Swype, write by sliding

Swype keyboard is quite different to all keyboards that had until it was released. This keyboard is that you slide your finger from letter to letter, without lifting it. At the end we raise your finger and the word written on the screen.

The key to speed is that we must not lift the fingers, with what we write really fast. That Yes, people need a certain learning curve, which comes with a guide. For example, at the end of a Word automatically enters a space, but is not so if we introduce a symbol, as a point. To introduce a point followed by space we should press the point and slide your finger to the SPACEBAR.

There are also other tricks, like pressing a button of start of Word, slide finger out keyboard to capitalize on it. I.e., we must learn to use it, because otherwise, we reduce the write speed.

When doubt about what you have typed, or when there are words with or without tilde (e.g. “Yes” and “Yes”, “when” and “when”) is a list of suggestions, with one selected by default. If the first is chosen, we simply began to slide the next word and will be selected.

A problem that has Swype is that it is still in beta phase (except on some phones that comes standard). This prevents the Market lower and so must register at their website and download the application from there. Sometimes you run out of responsiveness, and this surely is by that is still in beta phase.

With respect to languages, it is in Spanish and English, but it is necessary to hold the Q key perform switching, then you lose some time.

And much is this keyboard? As being in beta for the time being nothing. And it is still not known how much. What is clear is that a keyboard is not an application that can be offered for free with advertising, or at least I do not I think nothing more annoying.


Then, what is best? I decided to do a personal test by typing the same text, a rather long sentence, with both keyboards. And the truth is that It took exactly the same. Two keyboards are very fast, and both have their charm your way.

Swype left some things to Polish, how to improve your algorithm suggestion of words, but even so it is that I am using in my day to day. I have Swiftkey purchased and in the latest update they gave a much better appearance, it is spectacular.

When finished the Swype beta possibly buy you (if any offer better than best) and I will use both. They are complementary and a good way to demonstrate that Android generates innovation.

Finally, I leave you a video of both functional, although the comparison is not very good, which made it not handled any of the keyboard very well.