Surveillance POE Camera

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POE is a technical term which means Power over Ethernet. That is to say, that with this standard can send power supply for a device through a standard Ethernet cable (network cable), so you don’t have to have a separate power supply. In other words, you can make do with one cable for both power and network signal, There are now many POE cameras on the market. We have multiple IP cameras, which have POE capability. Several different brands have models with POE entrance. It is Y-Cam HomeMonitor outdoor camera, Digitus Plug & View cameras and Milesight IP cameras. In particular, Milesight has chosen to concentrate on implementation of POE standard in their cameras. The trick is to discern: instead of having a Wi-Fi-based camera, which in any case must have a power cable connected, you may as well pull an Ethernet cable and get both power and net signal in one cable. Thus you get a faster and more stable transfer of data out the wired network signal. A POE camera can therefore be a good alternative to Wi-Fi camera. With POE must to be not drag several cables and you get a more stable connection. Note that POE only works if you have a network switch with POE ports, or if you are using a POE injector. Most common routers and switches have built in POE , so it can be an easy solution to install a POE injector. It is a simple box that plugs into an electrical outlet and has a network port to the router page and a network port to the camera page. It provides that “injecting” the necessary amperage to network signal, so POE camera gets the required power supply.