Spy Cameras for Home

2016.2.19 spy cameras for home

Spy cameras are very compact digital video cameras that are hidden in a small enclosure. Spy cameras disguised as a ballpoint pen is popular model. The pen contains a card reader for micro SD cards, as the camera uses to store video footage. Spy camera also has a built-in microphone, so the video footage is both with color and sound.

Another popular model is key ring with built-in video camera. This type is similar to a typical remote control for a car’s central locking. With the buttons on the “remote control”, you can start a video recording or take still photos. The image quality is not quite as high as in ball pen camera but compared to the price you get a nice little camera that can be used in many situations to make video shooting without arousing attention. You can also choose to use a spy camera hidden in a USB key. This may be the promotion without arousing attention or it can be placed in a Pocket, so only a small part is visible. If you need a fixed mounted spy camera, you can consider the camera that is hidden in a PIR, which are similar to those that govern automatic ignition of lamps in a room.