Spin Remote SDC-1 in the Test: That’s Not the Future

Spin remote wants to eliminate the need for conventional remote controls. Theoretical works, in practice it is lacking still. The test.
Many familiar with the problem. Zig remotes cavort on the coffee table. For the TV, receiver, fire TV, sky receiver, satellite receiver, Apple TV and and and… At some point you lose track and also it looks now truly not beautiful. The spin remote SDC-1 preparing to unscramble this mess, and to establish at the same time an intuitive as innovative operation. Our experience in the test.

Spin Remote SDC-1 in the Test That's Not the Future

Spin Remote in the Test: The Exterior

At first glance, the spin remote looks like an egg split in the Middle made of aluminium. The processing is actually good. We have found no sharp corners and edges, or other imperfections. The haptic however for around 100 euros could have been already some high-quality. The logo is printed on top spin remote, underneath a touch-panel plastic is subdivided into five non-visible areas. We can remove the lower part of the upper Alumiumdeckel and lay the battery. Read it right. The spin remote does not have a built-in rechargeable battery, but must either be equipped with two AA batteries or two AA batteries. Also the LEDs are attached to the bottom, that can light up in different colors.

Spin Remote in the Test: Set Up and Operate

Once the batteries are inserted, we need to download the appropriate app on the phone us. The connection works via Bluetooth 4.0. In our test, it worked only after about ten attempts. Also really friendly and fast English-language service had no explanation for it. After the following update the spin remote, there is no connection problems. After all.
In the app, we can define then various movements and commands. Let us take, for example, the original AV receiver remote and thus learn to spin remote. With normal rotations, we want to adjust the volume. This works right off the bat. If we tilt the spin of remote on your head and then rotate, we our Philips control lamps hue. Also it works immediately.Something delayed though, but it works surprisingly well.
We tilt the spin of remote to the side and turn then, we would change the channel of your sky receiver. This in turn works limited, what but most likely on the old Humax receiver is located, has provided the sky. This has, and also problems with the Logitech Harmony products. Well, so we use the lateral rotation for through replacement of the normal television program. That works out.
What, that is at the bottom of the remote used touch-panel, however, hardly to not properly working. According to app, we can paint horizontally and vertically using the remote to execute commands. Or we impose individual sections of the touch field, for example, press “OK”. We have tried it with multiple devices and commands, but the touch panel not properly interpreted the movements in many cases.
Individual devices can be a – spin remote and turn off. However, no combinations are supported – for example from TV, sky receiver and AV reciever.
Another shortcoming is that still too few devices are supported. This includes also the fire TV stick or the fire TV box from Amazon. In addition the spin remote solely in connection with the app works. In other words: your phone must be in the vicinity and the app must always at least in the background with run.

Spin Remote in the Test: The Conclusion

The spin remote looks promising at first glance. And also the concept of the movements is very interesting. However the implementation is lacking. Still too few devices are supported, the Smart phone must always be in close and Bluetooth must be active on it. In addition, no rechargeable battery is integrated, it lacks a Wi-Fi module. In a second version, the spin remote could be significantly better.