Sony Smartwatch Clock

One of the news that Sony introduced at the beginning of year in Las Vegas during CES 2012, is the SmartWatch clock. This is a wristwatch that, much more than simply inform the hours, acts as an “extension” of their smartphones Android.

Through a Bluetooth connection 3.0 (with maximum distance of 10 m), the Sony SmartWatch clock connects to the smartphone to monitor and share certain tasks with it. So, your owner may, for example, receive the clock new notifications from Twitter and Facebook, as well as read emails and SMS messages without pulling the phone out of pocket or purse.

The clock is also able to perform songs that are on your smartphone, alert you when the battery is running low, show which contact is calling on the phone, display warnings about scheduled events and run applications of various types. The device can store up to 255 widgets, and you can even get them from the Android Market.

With dimensions of 36 mm x 36 mm x 8 mm and weight of 26 grams (15.5 grams if desconsiderarmos the bracelet), the Sony SmartWatch clock stands out also for your screen: OLED technology-based, has 1.3 inch in size, resolution of 128 x 128 pixels, protection against scratches and sensitivity to multiple ring tones (multitouch).

The watch also features a “clip” on the back to fasten the bracelet (six color choices). The user can also use the clip to attach the clock to the belt or shirt during a sports activity, if you prefer.

Direct successor of LiveView, watch Sony Ericsson launched in September 2010, the new Sony SmartWatch clock, unlike the previous model, is compatible only with two devices so far: the Xperia’s models and Xperia Arc’s, released recently.

According to Vintagematters, the Smart Watch battery lasts three to four days with moderate use, or a day in situations of constant use. Recharging it is made by means of a small microUSB port.

Nobody knows for sure when the clock will come to market, but the expectation is that he follow the suggested retail price of $149, when it’s released in the United States.

Via Gizmodo.