Sony Smartwatch 2

The SmartWatch clock that Sony released last year was heavily criticized in reviews. He demanded constant Bluetooth connection with your cell phone, or stop working; the apps had an inconsistent interface; the screen was hard to see in bright light; and more.

But Sony is back with a second version of your wristwatch smarter – and it seems that he corrected all the mistakes of the past.

For starters, the SmartWatch clock 2 has a larger screen with higher resolution (1.6 inches, 220 x 176 pixels) and brighter than the previous version, so it works better in the sunlight, he has a longer-lasting battery and is waterproof (IP57).

Last year’s model was terrible to pair with your smartphone, but this year’s model has NFC, which usually facilitates the interconnection between two gadgets – just touch each other.

The user interface has been reworked to make it more like Android, which should make it more intuitive; and, anyway, he can continue to do their jobs – how to read emails downloaded – even when you are disconnected from your cell phone.

And he looks very attractive. The SmartWatch clock 2 has an aluminum body and comes with a stainless steel bracelet. It can be replaced with any standard 24 mm bracelet, which leaves your options wide open style. He also will work with Android phones more than the previous model.

The Smart Watch clock 2 will be released worldwide in September. Sony still doesn’t mention price, but last year’s model was released for $150 (R$ 599 in Brazil). We hope that these improvements, together, make a real difference.