Sony Has Showcased the PlayStation 4

Now, both Sony and Microsoft showcased their next-generation games consoles – you can see the PlayStation 4 here.

Both Sony and Microsoft are on the way with sequels for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which was posted on the market back in 2006 and 2005, respectively. However, the consoles have been updated since, and got new equipment.

But now the successors on the road and both companies are trying to tell their consoles is the Centre of much more than just games. It writes our site.

Sony announced yesterday at a press conference that their upcoming Playstation will give access to a heap of video content via Sony Pictures will be offered to users. Microsoft, however, is a little “in front of”, since they launched a few weeks ago something similar to their new Xbox One.

Sony Playstation 4 also announced back in February, but here was the new machine not shown above.

Displaying happened so yesterday and it reminds a little of the earlier Playstation 2.

PlayStation 4 comes on the market for the Christmas trade and get on the American market a price of about $ 399, which is a little cheaper than Microsoft’s Xbox One, which comes on the market in november at a price of 499 dollars. The Danish rates are still unknown.