Smartphone Fashion Accessories

The accessories for smartphones last generation are many, surely you will know, what you may not know is that even the haute couture houses have begun in recent years to pack a number of fashion items related to the field of technology. Let’s talk a bit ‘all the most famous fashion houses in the world, from Prada to Versace, Louis Vuitton and Valentino, from Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen, closely followed by low-cost brands, always ready to reproduce the seasonal trend in smaller and competitive prices.

Some economic fashion brands as Accessorize have chosen to specialize in their own field of accessories, from jewelry to items related to the field of technology. The phones and especially smartphones are an integral part of our lives now, so have headphones, earphones, covers and cases fashion is essential if you are true fashionista.

Earphones and headphones are available in the latest versions also very eccentric collections, beginning with bluetooth models made ​​by Listen 2 your Art. It is wireless headsets also very artistic with a printed pattern that can represent Marylin, the American flag or a musical instrument. See top 10 smartphones with best battery life.

The headphones large vintage-style are back in fashion in the last two years and appear determined to remain, especially in the versions with rhinestones andsequins as an outer coating. Ear from strange profiles populate collections low cost, by Bershka in Pull & Bear, models in the form of ladybugs and in some cases, even cornets phone!

But as I looked forward to, the accessories that are fun and indulge the high fashion designers are the covers and housings for smartphones , iPhone or Blackberry.

The cover most special are those proposed by Lanvin with the representation of many famous faces, from Marc Jacobs with its eastern flowers, Kenzo, Swash and obviously Moschino with the famous Gennarino that such trends for years.

Even Stradivarius and Bershka wanted this year collections complemented by silicone cover with studs and fashion applications, such as Dsquared2 and H & M.

The world of enclosures is very broad and includes the quilted models with a bow Red Valentino , the zebra versions Katie Grand Loves Hogan, the logoed models of Gucci or animal of Dolce & Gabbana, and even cases Stella McCartney that mimic the shape of the world-famous handbags Falabella.

Small skulls along the patterns Alexander McQueen and golden gorgon along those of Versace. In short, the designer of accessories for smartphones is a really glamorous world!