Slide Screen: Launcher for Those Seeking Maximum Productivity on Android

At the risk of seeming freaky, I will say that I am a fetish of the multiple launchers that I can find in the Android Market. One of the benefits of Android is the customization, and this reaches its maximum expression when we replace the program that executes each time that we give to the button of “ Home & #8221;.

Slide Screen It is a launcher with a different philosophy. Like everyone else, has a home screen and allows us to open applications or settings menu; but the interface is very different to the of other launchers. Slide Screen, larva Labs, maximizes productivity forget desktops and icons and showing us what interests us most demanding users: information.

How does it work?

In few words: Slide Screen brings together our sources of information on the home screen. Thus, we cannot keep updated at a glance and just after unlocking the phone, rather than to open one by one application. In addition to missed calls and unread messages, we can add our calendar, Twitter and Facebook streams, Google Reader feeds, the current values of the stock market or news.

The various sources they are organized in bars and colors as you can see in the first screenshot. Colors labeling the origin of information, identically to as does Web, the popular Twitter client with contacts. A central bar indicates time, time, battery and the status of the network; This can be moved up and down to expand or collapse different sources.

When you click an element we can read it in full with the own launcher (as we see in the second screenshot with Google Reader). By clicking on the icon of the source, launch the application by our phones for that source (for example Facebook for Android for Facebook). If you press the menu of the mobile key access to the Applications menu (third screenshot), which at the bottom pile up icons for all installed apps and the top four docks with space for eight shortcuts each; very useful.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of Slide Screen should tell the paragraph aesthetic, Here the guys from Larva Labs have done a magnificent job: is elegant, sober and functional. Another important advantage is that, apart from serving as a launcher by default, can be used as a normal application in the company of other start menu. And, of course, that this is an innovative concept that most hyperactive users we are kept abreast of all that information at a glance.

Among the disadvantages, which only supports a Gmail account (which we have associated with the terminal) and has an interface “ too different & #8221; to what we are accustomed to, which initially cost forget about virtual desktops and move icons. Everything is getting used to, but by that same, though it is more than one year in the Android Market, perhaps often forgotten most of the large launchers.

The free version (SlideScreen Free) of advertising, but is fully functional. Payment (SlideScreen Pro) version removes ads, but is rather expensive: 5.15 euros.