Sleep as an Droid, Never More Tea Stand Tired

When I see some new application as that I bring you today, I am proud to use Android. I mean Sleep as an Droid, that it will modify our way of using an alarm clock because it will help us be less tired every morning.

The system is rather simple at the same time interesting since it uses your phone sensors to detect sleep cycle we are. I explain a little because you see something busy, it turns out that us when we sleep, went through two major phases, the light sleep (which started the night), and deep sleep (also known as REM phase), both are van repeating cycles throughout the period.

According to this system, the best time to wake us up is in a phase of light sleep, which we tend to move us much more in bed than in the phase of deep sleep.

Sleep as an Droid will take care of finding the optimal time of awakening using, as I said, the Mobile sensors. To do this we will have to place it in a corner of our bed, and indicate the time in which we go to bed and be able to generate their own statistics.

When detected that during the set period of time (a half an hour before our alarm) we went through a phase of light sleep, this will activate the alarm to wake up, if that period does not detect anything, will sound the alarm in any case reach the time limit. Optionally we activated the option to let us ask a score in which such have spent the night, a pijada this.

In its section on statistics we will be keeping a report hours of more or less sleep having our body, graphs with States for which they have spent every night and in beta yet, the recordings for those who speak in dreams. How option in beta also, this application has a system anti-snoring, which will make vibrate the phone if it detects an excessive level of the same.

Currently, Sleep as an Droid has two applications available in the Market, one with a period of 14-day trial and another “ Unlock ” with a price of 0.99 euros, and I personally, after a week using it, I’m thinking seriemente buy me it. A detail to take into account is that I have tested it only sleeping, I guess that double beds will not give such good results, is matter of taste it.