Simyo Hits The Streets

Simyo It has begun an experience to sell their phones and cards in shopping centres, with a first test in La Vaguada, Madrid. This offers a promotion to sell the SIM card at half price (5 euros instead of 10) in hand delivering it directly to customers who do not want to buy on the web.

For the occasion they also have reduced at the Mall and on the web three models of mobile free: Samsung B-100 for 29 euros, Sony Ericsson Z320 for 49 euros and Sony Ericsson T280 for 79 euros, in this case with speakers included.

In addition, these days is conducting advertising campaigns in the street (known as guerrilla marketing) to publicize the brand among the general public, as well as its motorcycle brand ambassadors. And is that the OMV may be very present in the minds of Internet users, but many people without interest or access to internet just know of the existence of these new companies. Therefore, it already is a step that operators go on the street so the public knows the alternatives to large.