Self-Control Calls a Orange a Correct Advertising of The 45 Kangaroo for Not Offering Unlimited Calls

On more than one occasion self-control has asked several operators rectification of their advertising on the grounds that it was not correct, being several cases that involved rates that promise had been Unlimited calls.

And now is the turn for Orange, that has already received the touch of self-control for the fee of Amena which finally eliminated the minute time limit on calls, to which advertising regulator out colors by announcing unlimited with the rate Kangaroo 45.

Orange is very clear in their advertising as in the sections describing the rate Kangaroo 45, unlimited minutes 24 hours to landlines and mobiles (at any time and to any national operator) announces from the mobile line but at the request of an individual self-control has invited the operator to change this description.

Orange defends: “does not apply”

And it is that mobile Kangaroo 45 line does not include unlimited if not minutes 9,000 per month, a hard limit of reach, we are talking about that I should speak more than 150 hours to 6.25 days in a month to overcome it, but it deprives the mentioned rate to have the title of unlimited.

The limit of 9,000 minutes is only visible from the client area of the site operator, so that only clients that hire rate in question can see directly. Even so Orange is defended, arguing that the 9,000 limit is set to prevent fraudulent applications and finer points before our questions: “Do not be charged additional residential customer with particular use of your mobile phone to exceed 9,000 minutes.”

The constant mess of unlimited calls

As we have already said this This is not the first time that mess is no environment to a mobile tariff that promises unlimited calling. Which opened the real battle on these rates was Telstra, which already aroused doubts in its infinite by a somewhat ambiguous clause on the minute time limit which had to qualify.

Have also been involved in these topics Vodafone with its rate network, which initially included a limit of two hours per call, and Amena, which after the warning from Autocontrol pulled down the street from the Middle directly eliminating the minute time limit established in its rate.

The operators have always argued in his favor limits, very high for an average user, are set to protect against fraudulent uses of these rates, uses professional or as vigila-bebes for example. The limit than if there is still all the rates, in order also to protect themselves against the possible use for telemarketing, is the of the number of destinations.

Thanks to Javier for the warning.