Sandberg Is Ready with a Spare Battery with Built-in Solar Cells

You can get a new spare battery charged up via the built-in solar cells so that you can always charge your mobile phone.

Do you need a spare battery for your cell phone, so Sandberg now launches a spare battery with built-in solar cells.

The battery is named Power bank Sunburst and is in the style of the other Sandberg Powerbar products that can provide power to other portable devices via a USB output.

On the new battery is there powerful solar cells on the “back” of the battery, it means you can leave it up everywhere, even in the electric light.

-“We have great success with our other spare batteries. But there is also a need for even longer range. It is all possible: Festival guests, sailors, Boy Scouts, hikers, hunters-Yes all sorts of people who need to have power to their mobile devices, anywhere and anytime. Think URf.eks. on how much a festival guest uses SMS, Twitter, Facebook and everything else. It requires, therefore, any power, “says Anders Petersen, product manager at Sandberg, in a press release.

Sandberg also tells that it is not the environmental gains, which have been the primary factor for them – but rather the consumer’s comfort.

PowerBar Sunburst is on the way out to dealers and have a suggested retail price of 299 dollars inclusive of VAT.