Samsung Will Bring The Market Terminals with Tizen, X Phone Is One of The Reasons

A few days ago was launched the news of X Phone, what would be the most powerful market and designed terminal to compete with the iPhone. With this announcement we were hoping manufacturers such tab and leave a little side Android, as we have already said. Well said and done, Samsung announces Tizen support to compete with this terminal.

Wouldn’t be the first time that we hear of this operating system collecting the witness of MeeGo and Bada, Samsung the latter. At the moment we know that applications made for Android, can carry without excessive difficulty which would get an important part of the developers if you know how to play their cards well.

The move is very risky, for any operating system that compitiese against Android and iOS has failed to position itself very well and Windows Phone you want to settle for the third place. But with support from Samsung, the largest manufacturer of terminals with Android, making him the competition, anything can happen, because it pulls more Galaxy name than the name of Android.