Samsung Gear Live: Smart Wristwatches Can Be Good

We had a surprise announcement during the Google i/o today, with the first device from Samsung with Android Wear, Gear Live. Put one in the wrist and played for a few minutes, and, even if it was in demo mode, we were impressed.

The hardware looks great and pretty solid. He is elegant, and it’s not overly bulky. The AMOLED screen offers brilliant white (but we could not test under the Sun), and those super dark black we’re used to. Great colors. The Samsung does not recommend swimming with him, but he has standard IP67 and can hold up to three metres underwater for up to 30 minutes.

One of the best things is the heart rate monitor. Say “Ok Google, check my heart rate”, and he does that. He does not register a daily fee, like some bracelets do. And even if there are physical activities and running apps for Android Wear, developers need to create heartbeat functionality specifically for them. So, at the moment, he can’t check this while you run, which is a shame, but we expect this to be integrated in the future.

The worst news is on drums – present, lasts about a day. Will require a lot of rebound. I believe that, as the Android Wear constantly pulls a lot of data, it requires a lot of battery.This is bad. But who knows in future updates to a low-power mode is added (the screen just turns on when you touch her, for example). Currently, some of the screen is always lit for you see what time it is with ease. We appreciate that, but certainly this damages the battery enough.

He is not running the final version of the software, but still looks great. Slide up and down to move between different cards on the screen, or slide to the right to find out more details about it. How, for example, to change the climate of the day for a three-day forecast.

We saw some examples of navigation, calendars, reminders, Hangouts, messages and music controls. In fact, everything looked great. It was super simple to read, and seemed very intuitive. But, again, it was a demo mode.

The hardware itself is great. He has class and doesn’t bother my eyes. I’m afraid a bit by how it relates to the wrist, with two pins piercing the bracelet. It’s not as safe as a normal watch bracelet, so it’s something to worry about. Speaking of bracelet, you can change it whenever you want.

The Samsung Gear Live is already on pre-order in the Recipesinthebox and costs $200 by Google Play Store, which is not very expensive. The first units will be delivered from July 7, and he will arrive at other stores soon after that. There is still no information about a possible launch in Brazil.